The Common Era (CE) calendar used throughout Amador is based on a hybrid of much older Earthen and Hume calendars. The Common Era calendar was created after the Earthen helped establish peace treaties between the warring tribes of barbaric Humes in the Heartlands. This eventually led to the founding of the Alliance of Nations. The modern calendar system is also sometimes referred to as Alliance Reckoning (AR) in ancient documents dating back to the founding of the Alliance.

The year is three-hundred and sixty-four days in length, divided into twelve months with thirty days each. Each month is then divided into three ten-day weeks, though the days of the week are not specifically named. Peasants however, often refer to the last day of the week as farmer's day, a day of respite provided by common law in most of the kingdoms of Amador.

Months & Seasons

  • Spring (Months 1, 2, & 3)
    • Spring Equinox marks end of spring.
  • Summer (Months 4, 5, & 6)
    • Summer Solstice marks end of summer. Start of harvest season.
  • Autumn (Months 7, 8, & 9)
    • Autumn Equinox marks the last day of harvest and the beginning of winter.
  • Winter (Months 10, 11, & 12)
    • Winter Solstice marks the end of the year and the beginning of spring.

Other Calendars

  • Sivan calendar (unknown)
  • Earthen calendar (lunar)
  • Hume tribal calendar (celestial constellations)
  • Imperial calendar of Tengoku (divided into eras / dynasties based on birth and deaths of emperors)

The Dragon's Heart

The Dragon's Heart comet, reappears every 503 years, beginning in the year, -1584 CE.

  • -1584, -1081, -578, -75, 428, 931, 1434, 1937, 2440 (future appearance)


The timeline covers events on the continent of Amador primarily, which is the focus of the campaign setting. Over time, as the history of the world is fleshed out, additional events throughout the ages will be added to the timeline, including major events from the other Known Shards and other regions within the aerosphere of Elysium.

The Green Age

Main Article: Green Age (Unknown to c. -1200 CE)
c. -4000 CE
The Lillends, enraptured by the songs of the Siva, awaken and enlighten the avian species native to the Summerlands. The Siva rise as a powerful civilization, colonizing the Known Shards over the course of several thousand years. Ruins of their ancient cities have been found throughout Amador, Tengoku, and Drahkmar. The Frostfell, locked into an eternal winter, remains largely unexplored and evidence of their presence on the icebound continent, if any at all, undiscovered.
c. -1600 CE
Plague devastates the Sivan cities, weakening their vast empire. When no cure for the plague can be found, the last remnants of the Siva gather in their capitol city as their civilization decays around them and devise a very powerful ritual to safeguard the accumulated knowledge of their dying race. The Song of Genesis ritual is completed after a years preparation and the Sivan shamanic traditions use the song to create and imbue with life and sentience, the Earthen, a servitor race constructed of crystal, earth, and stone bound by primal magic. The Earthen tirelessly carry out the final commands of their dead creators for a thousand years, sealed in the empty Sivan cities by emerald wards that bar entry to the cities. Outside of the cities, the Song of Genesis takes on a life of its own and is transformed into a Living Spell, driven across Amador by fierce winds and storms, creating new life and empowering existing life as it crosses the skyshards of Elysium.
-1584 CE
A small group of Humes appears in the northern reaches of the Heartlands of Amador following the appearance of the Dragon's Heart comet. The roving Humes eventually settle the wooded lands west of the Dragonstone Hills and found the city of Partha. Author's Note: Though recorded history provides scant information about the Green Age, astronomers studying the Parthan Cave Paintings in the Ruins of Partha were able to discern the precise year that Humes first appeared on Amador by determining which years the constellations would match the symbols etched and painted onto the cave walls and how often the Dragon's Heart comet passes through the star system.
c. -1300 CE
An unknown event shatters Partha and drive the Humes out of the city. The displaced citizens of Partha migrate south into the grass covered plains of the Heartlands. Several hundred years of expansion fuels conflict and an explosive growth of population. The Hume race fractures into many barbaric tribes, each fighting to claim resources vital to their survival.

The Age of Blood

Main Article: Age of Blood (c. -1200 CE to c. -400 CE)
c. -1200 CE
A dark power corrupts the Song of Genesis, transforming it into a torrential rain of steaming scarlet blood and furious black lightning. The Bloodstorm devastates the Hume tribes, warping any caught in the rain into monstrous creatures like Orcs, Goblins, Beastmen, and worse. Even the land itself is twisted by the corrupted ritual. Dark magic seeps into the earth, mutating plants and animals and tainting the rivers. The Bloodstorm vanishes into the endless sky east of Amador, growing in size from the chaos unleashed by its passing.
-1152 CE
After half a century of violence and destruction, the Bloodstorm has grown into a cataclysmic storm hundreds of miles wide, crashing across Amador with greater frequency. The ferocity of its winds and the torrent of blood-like rain threatens to destroy all life on Elysium.
-1151 CE
The Elder World Spirits are woken from their slumber by the threat the Bloodstorm poses to the Elysium itself. They try to destroy the Bloodstorm, though it is too little, too late. The Bloodstorm has grown too powerful to eradicate. Gaia the Earthmother, Ifrit the Harbinger of Flame, Sylph the Windmaiden, and Undine the Serene sacrifice themselves to create four Seals and the Veil to bind the Bloodstorm into the black void between the Mirrorlands, alternate planes of existence that mirror and exaggerate aspects of Elysium. The Veil bars planar travel to all but the most powerful of creatures, sealing Elysium away from the Mirrorlands, the Feywild and the Shadowfell. The flow of arcane power on Elysium is stilled, though this effect is something that the world spirits did not intend.
c. -1100 CE
Near to five hundred years after their arrival in Amador, the Hume tribes have settled as far west as the foothills of the Vaskyr Mountains and the plains north of the Knife's Edge Peaks. Conflict between the tribes continues to drive the weaker tribes east towards modern day Ravenna and Fairhaven, west towards Lydia and the Ioka Mountains, and south past the Knife's Edge Peaks.
-1081 CE
As if to herald further bloodshed and war, the Dragon's Heart comet blazes across the sky as Beastmen from the Hakori Plains invade the Heartlands.
-1000 CE to 600 CE
Hume tribes recover from the Beastmen attacks and continue to spread across the Heartlands, even venturing north into the Black Forest south of the Giantshold Mountains.
-601 CE
The emerald wards around the empty Sivan cities fail. The eldest of the Earthen crumble to earth and stone, the heartstones within their chests dark and lifeless. The monstrous races, long held at bay by the powerful magic wards, are quick to seize the cities for themselves, driving the surviving Earthen out of many cities. Days, weeks, and sometimes even months later, the Earthen that returned to earth and stone, awaken, but without any memory of their previous life.
-590 CE
The Council of Stone is formed by the eldest of the Earthen who have yet to 'return to the earth' and together they create Runic, the Earthen language of runes and marks. Runic is then taught to all Earthen and they are ordered to record their memories and accumulated knowledge, so as to safeguard this knowledge for all time.
-578 CE
As the Dragon's Heart appears in the skies over Elysium again, the Beastmen surge northward, as if driven to madness by the appearance of the comet, which they worship as a deity. The Hume kingdoms band together to push back the invading horde, though not without suffering great loss of life.
-576 CE
The Earthen flee the southern Sivan cities in airships, leaving the cities to be plundered by the monstrous races and the beastmen.
-575 CE
The Earthen fleet of airships spends a year drifting on the winds of Elysium, following the evacuation of the southern Sivan cities of Amador. During this time, the Earthen Council debates on a course of action. They eventually decide to gather the whole of their race, abandoning the Sivan cities entirely, and split the fleet of airships into seven smaller fleets which would go forth and seek out the remote regions of the northlands of Amador to found and build seven citadels. The Earthen eventually settle and build their citadels in the Ioka Mountains (2), the Vaskyr Mountains (3), and the Giantshold Mountains (2).
-450 CE
Over a hundred years of war between the Earthen and the monstrous races have left the former caretakers of the Sivan cities weary and near defeat. The Council of Stone sends expeditions to seek out the Hume tribes of the plains in the heartlands of Amador and gain their aid against the monstrous races.
-445 CE
The Boar Tribe (Humes) pledges to help the Earthen against the monstrous races after the Earthen taught the smiths of the tribe how to smelt iron and then forge weapons and armor from the stronger metal. However, despite the assistance of the Boar Tribe's warriors, three of the seven citadels are either taken or destroyed. (Goblins overrun one citadel in Ioka Mountains, Giants destroy both citadels in Giantshold Mountains)

The Iron Age

Main Article: Iron Age (-400 to 912 CE)
  • -400 CE After twenty-five years of campaigning with the Earthen, the warriors of the Boar Tribe return to their homeland with steel arms and armor and begin a campaign of conquest, dominating the other Hume tribes.
  • -390 CE Earthen withdraw from the affairs of the Humes, finding the warfare between the tribes unsettling. No Earthen had ever attacked or slain another of their kind
  • -140 CE Beastmen invade the borderlands and drive out the humes
  • -10 CE Humes rally the Earthen to their cause, to destroy the beastmen
  • 0 CE At the end of the decade long war against the Beastmen, the Earthen and Humes forge the first Alliance of Nations and create the Codex of Law.
  • Beastmen invade in 480 CE

The Arcane Age

Main Article: Arcane Age (912 CE to Present Day)
  • During the autumn solstice of 912 CE, the Eladrin open three huge planar gateways in the Feywild. These gateways then appear in the Gloomwood, east of the Ioka Mountains, shredding parts of the Veil that once shrouded the mortal realms from the Mirrorlands. Arcane energy returns to Elysium as primal energy from the Feywild seeps through the gates and transforms parts of the Gloomwood from short, dark and twisted trees to tall, majestic trees with silver bark and golden leaves.
  • Beastmen invade in 1021 CE
  • Magelords rise to power as the return of arcane magic drastically alters the balance of power on Elysium
  • The War of Retribution (against the Magelords), the first of the Eldritch Wars rages from 1279 CE to 1290 CE
  • The Imperial Order arises from the ashes of anarchy in 1290 CE after the first of the Eldritch Wars
  • By 1334 CE, all of the Heartlands is conquered and claimed by the Empire
  • In 1339 CE, Kadaj is assimilated into the Empire
  • The Empire steps up its
  • Arkova uses a devastating anti-magic weapon to fend off Imperial forces in 1342 CE. The magic goes awry and dispels whatever natural magic holds the earth and stone aloft in Elysium's sky. Vast sections of Arkova rip free of Amador and fall into the Abyss Below. The after-effects of their weapon weakens the Veil further, creating surges of wild magic throughout Elysium.

Present Day

August 28th, 1762 CE???